For nearly two decades, the Volkswagen Group has had a significant presence in India. In this time, the Group has assigned great importance to being a responsible corporate citizen of India.

The Volkswagen Group is known for its obsession towards quality; consequently this aspect governs all the things we do. Our responsibility goes beyond producing and offering high quality, environment friendly cars that also exceed existing safety benchmarks. Our manufacturing processes and systems too are devised to keep carbon emissions to the minimum, in some cases going beyond existing environment and quality standards and legal mandates.

Our way of giving back to society starts with donating automobiles of different Group brands as well as components and engines to Industrial Training Institutes so that tomorrow’s young Indian engineers learn the latest in automotive technology, innovation and development. This helps in creating a qualified talent pool that is prepared to be absorbed not only by ŠKODA AUTO VOLKSWAGEN INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED but by the rest of the Indian automotive industry as well.

We go beyond this to strengthen our roots in Indian soil. Our CSR and community programmes are developed towards making people’s lives better via several powerful initiatives. These initiatives are predominantly in the fields of Road Safety, Health, Water Conservation and Environment, Women Empowerment and Education and Skill Development. The presence of our two plants in the two major geographical regions of the state of Maharashtra – Pune and Aurangabad – allows us to reach out to many more people, cutting across age, gender and economic status.

For instance, our Road Safety communication is targeted at all road users, while we offer safe driving technique courses to fleet vehicle drivers. We also recently tied up with an NGO that works extensively on road safety to bring down road fatalities on the vital Mumbai-Pune highway. We have donated health equipment, including ambulances, to hospitals in surrounding areas, thus providing critical and essential healthcare to people. Our water conservation activities involve building bhandaras that conserve water as well as developing watershed management projects in perennial dry zones, while we have robust tree plantation programmes.

What’s more, as part of the INDIA 2.0 project, we have invested in sustainable energy. The new 980 KW Advanced Solar Power Generation Project at our production facility in Aurangabad features solar panels with higher efficiency to generate 1,475 MWh of power per annum, covering 30 per cent of the plant’s annual energy consumption – thereby, contributing to 922 tons per annum reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from the production process.

Going forward, we will conduct even more intensive activities to make a difference for the better for the people, the region, nature, and to the country. It’s our way of showing sincere gratitude.