Employee Development

Learning and Growing

ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India has an ongoing collaboration with Symbiosis Skills and Open University, Pune. In 2019 we worked together to create a unique module for our workmen who had been promoted as front level supervisors with the aim to coach them as potential team leaders. A 52-week diploma program which focused around bridging the gap between formal diploma education and actual competency possessing of the participants by developing business communication skills, better in-depth understanding of organizational and manufacturing systems was designed for our employees.

Foreign Assignment

The Volkswagen Group is one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers and Europe’s largest producer of cars. For years, the Group has pursued a clear globalization strategy for growth and sustainable success.

International networking, cross-border and cross-brand knowledge transfer and working together in intercultural teams are success factors in our working lives that are becoming increasingly important.

 Global Assignments supports the Group’s global strategy and promotes the worldwide exchange of the best employees. We work closely with the individual locations both when filling management positions and in the area of technical experts. Our goal is to ensure that the respective expertise can be successfully deployed exactly where it is needed.