Department: Components Region India
Grade: Manager / Sr. Manager
Vacancy: 1
Qualification: Diploma / B.E.
Experience: 6 yrs/ 4 yrs
Location: Pune
Reporting to: Shift Leader Engine Cylinder Head Line- Machine Shop

Purpose of the Position:

  • Responsible for fulfillment of Production Program with defined KPI of Production, Quality, and safety.
  • Ensure Product, Process, and Quality through effective communication.
  • Ensure adherence to the standard worksheet by using tools like continuous improvement, productivity improvement, cost reduction, problem-solving, etc. in accordance with the interests & goals of SAVWIPL Group.

Skills Required:

  • Knowledge of Cyl.Head Machining, Tooling, and Tool Life management required for Cyl.Head Machining.
  • Knowledge of Problem Solving Tools 8D, Quality tools,
  • QMS (ISO 9001), VDA 6.3, EMS, TPM, etc.
  • Computer proficiency, Microsoft Office Tools, Communication Skills.
  • Skill to correct different Quality issues coming for Cyl. Head and take appropriate counters measures.
  • Team Work, Ability to learn new things.
  • Engine Product Audit Process and Audit Score Interpretation.
  • IC Engine Knowledge and Cyl.Head Subassembly knowledge.
  • Handling Gauges and basics of Measurement.
  • Tool wear out identification and tool changing, Machining and Cutting process, CNC Programming.

Key Responsibilities & Tasks:

  1. Achieve Shift Production Targets with defined Quality parameters.
  2. Fulfillment of Productivity targets through productivity improvement.
  3. Checking and validation of process and product requirement as per defined standard formats and check sheet.
  4. Implement shop floor management as per Skoda-VW Production System.
  5. Responsible for 5S and TPM activities of Cyl.HeadLine.
  6. Identify & implement multiskilling areas of Team Leaders & Team Members.
  7. Continual improvement by implementing problem-solving tools, KAIZEN & poka-yoke.
  8. Achieve cost targets through measures & control part rejection on the production line.
  9. To give on the job training to team members for skill development.
  10. Monitor breakdowns, material shortage11. Share information in the Team Board meeting.
  11. Follow disciplinary guidelines as per Company Policy and inform to Shift Leader in case of indiscipline issue.
  12. Implement & sustain VDA 6.3 Process Audit requirement as per defined target.
  13. Implement & sustenance safety measures, e.g. usage of PPE, work safety process.
  14. To control and reduce rejection, tooling, and PPE consumption cost per engine.
  15. Give suggestions for Productivity, Quality, and Safety improvement.
  16. Online and Offline rework of Cyl. Block by following rework guidelines.
  17. Define & implement measures for Defects observed at all Quality Gates.
  18. Implementation of QMS ISO 9001; ISO 14001 (EMS), ISO 50001 (EnMS).
  19. Participate in 3P, KVP Cascade, and KVP Problem-solving workshops.
  20. Responsible for Quarterly Inventory tagging and part counting.
  21. Ensure disposal of Process consumables e.g. Coolant, Lubricants, Cotton waste- As per EMS standards.
  22. Rejection part handling and Backup Tool strategy.