Road Safety

About SaveLIFE Foundation and their association with SAVWIPL

SaveLIFE Foundation is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization focused on improving road safety and emergency medical care across India.

SAVWIPL embarked on this partnership with SaveLIFE Foundation along with Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation in 2019 with one ambition –  to minimize fatalities that occur on this busy and vital 111-km Mumbai Pune stretch.

This partnership was designed to create a model for road safety across Indian highways, which is in line with the national commitment to reduce road crash deaths by 50% by 2022. Heavily focused on evidence-based road engineering interventions, improved post-crash emergency care, comprehensive research, better police enforcement and grassroot community engagement the partnership aims to significantly reduce road crash deaths.

As we know, road safety can be broadly categorized into two parts; Crash prevention and Post-crash response. Both these parts of road safety are covered under the ambit of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) under Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013.

While crash prevention was the major concern and priority for SAVWIPL and SaveLIFE foundation with their MoU in 2019, In 2021 SAVWIPL made a move in the direction towards post-crash response with the signing of this MoU for the ‘Jeevan Rakshak Program’.

About Jeevan Rakshak

Police personnel are usually the first to respond in case of a road accident and are often untrained and unfortunately will aggravate injuries during transportation. Bystanders fearing legal hassle are hesitant to come forward to help.

Under the Jeevan Rakshak Programme, SLF trains citizen volunteers,  Police Personnel and organization employees in techniques of Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS), enabling them to respond appropriately in emergency situations resulting in reduction in mortality and morbidity. The awareness of the nationwide policy that protects Good Samaritans, police and citizen volunteers can help accident victims get critical support during the golden hour.