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ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab hosts online ‘COVID-19 Mobility Race’ hackathon to benefit the automotive industry

› International hackathon of ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab and ŠKODA AUTO held online for the first time,
under the theme ‘COVID-19 Mobility Race’
› 25 independent IT teams and 27 high-tech companies from 19 countries worked on innovative
digital solutions for the car trade
› 2 teams from India won top prizes at the global Covid Mobility Race
› ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab supports the winners in developing their project ideas and offers the
prospect of collaboration
Mladá Boleslav, 8 June 2020 – ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab has played host to the global online ‘COVID-19
Mobility Race’ hackathon. The theme of this year’s ideas competition, which took place from 4 to
7 June 2020, set the tone: the event was dedicated to the current challenges facing the automotive
industry as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. How can a vehicle be bought and delivered whilst
following stringent social distancing measures? What options are there for car buyers to virtually
view their dream car? And what role will digital mobility services play in the future? 25 independent
teams and 27 high-tech companies from 19 countries came up with surprising and innovative answers
to these questions. While the team from Israeli high-tech company Matter beat its competitors with
3D virtual showroom technology in the main track, Indian firm Xenon Automotive India won the
region specific track for their product NEXO which is suite of an apps that helps dealers and OEM’s to
offer the best purchasing experience to their customers in post Covid world, that includes demo and
test drive, ensuring optimal utilization of test drive fleet utilization and will now be supported by
ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab and have a chance for further collaboration with experts from the innovation
Another Indian team Ctrl+Alt_Covid, consisting of 2nd year students from IIT Guwahati, presented an
innovative idea for creating a new normal in post COVID world. Their solution uses deep learning and
image processing algorithms to provide the user with the count of people at the given location at that
time. Their product goal is to create a safe space and promote social distancing.
All around the globe, the past few weeks and months have been marked by measures taken to prevent
the coronavirus from spreading further. Of course, this also affected the automotive industry and in
particular car dealerships. The ‘COVID-19 Mobility Race’ hackathon organised by ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab
and ŠKODA AUTO therefore asked the question of how innovative concepts can be integrated into
everyday working life and how these can benefit ŠKODA and its worldwide sales and service network.
Andre Wehner, ŠKODA AUTO Chief Digital Officer, stated, “The current situation has shown that many
areas of our lives, both on a private as well as a professional level, can be carried out much more digitally.
For us, the current crisis therefore also presents an opportunity. We would like to make the most of what
we have just learned and make use of the existing technical possibilities in order to cater to the needs of
our customers even more specifically. This year’s international online hackathon has


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